IB Geography 12

Course Outline HL

Course Outline SL

Hazards and Disasters (Paper 2)
- Earthquakes Assignment
Consider the questions when reading and highlighting the Tectonic Processes handouts; complete the Tohoku (2011) Case Study Summary including maps

- Sample Case Studies Key for Haiti (2010) and Sichuan Province, China (2008)   Download and read over carefully.
- Hurricane Case Study Assignment
- Textbook Online
- Hurricane Mitch (1998) Video Clip Youtube
- BP Gulf Oil Spill Case Study Assignment
- BP Oil Spill Video Clips I II III IV V
- Video: "Blowout: is Canada Next?"
(CBC DocZone - 2010)

Extreme Environments (Paper 2)

Deserts Assignment
Textbook Online

Video Links (2008)

Desertification in Niger
(Impact on The Tuareg)

Uranium Mining in Niger I
(Impact on The Tuareg)

Uranium Mining in Niger II
(Impact on The Tuareg)

Desertification in Crete, Greece

Water Issues in the SW USA
(National Geographic October 2014)

Groudwater Depletion in California and Global Monitoring of Groundwater Supplies
(CBS 60 Minutes Nov. 16, 2014)

Xeriscaping Videos:
I (USA) and
II (Okanagan Valley, BC)

Nile River Drainage Basin Exercise

Glacial / Periglacial Assignment  
PINGO Videos I, II, III (Youtube)
Extreme Environments Review Questions
Reference Maps in Colour
        Freshwater Issues and Conflicts
(Paper 2 HL)
Rivers Assignment
Textbook Online
Red River Rising: Manitoba Floods (1997)
Wetlands Exercise
Green Roofs GVTV (Youtube)
Sustainable Drainage in Surrey including East Clayton Rain and Drainage Simulator

Innovative Stormwater Management in MetroVancouver (Youtube):
At the Property Scale
At the Neighbourhood Scale
At the Watershed Scale
Freshwater Issues Review - Check in ManageBac under Messages or Files or check your email for a message