IB Geography Introduction

IB Geography is a two year program starting in Grade 11 that covers both Physical and Human Geography. In Grade 11, the course examines similar topics to Geography 12 so have a look through the various links on the previous webpage to get an idea of what is covered. This website is utilized as a supplemental teaching aid to the course. In Grade 12, greater emphasis is placed on human geography topics such as population trends, development, resource management, and the global economy. Physical geography will also continue to be covered but with a focus on specific case studies from locations around the world.

Geography is an incredibly relevant subject in terms of understanding the world we live in from a physical, economic, environmental, political, and social perspective. Numerous subject areas inter-relate with geography and it provides outstanding background knowledge for a myriad of professions. Moreover, we will take the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it during a number of field study experiences over the two year period. If you have any questions regarding IB Geography, please feel free to come and see Mr. Mleziva in Room 206.

Transferable Skills In Geography and Career Opportunities for Geographers: