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Mon. June 1, 2020

- Ch. 7 Assignment (due today by 5pm - submit via email) [15 marks]

- Ch. 8 Assignment
(due Wed. June 10th by 11am - submit via email)
[15 marks]

Wed. June 3, 2020

- Ch. 8 Assignment (due Wed. June 10th by 11am - submit via email)
[15 marks]

Thurs. June 4, 2020

 - Ch. 8 Assignment (due Wed. by 11am - submit via email)
[15 marks]


- In 2004, the CBC ran a nation-wide contest to determine “The Greatest Canadian” of all time. They narrowed the choices down to 10 Finalists. Watch the following Video which gives brief background info. on each of these ten individuals. Then Sign into your District Account and go to the "SS 10 MLEZIVA" Team and click on "The Greatest Canadian" and select which one of the 10 finalists you think is most deserving of the title "The Greatest Canadian" and explain (in two or three sentences) why you chose that person. (Complete by Thurs. June 11th by 9:50am) [5 marks]


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