Universe Review
1) Compare and contrast Earth with other phenomena in the Universe.
2) Gain a sense of wonderment regarding the vastness and variety within the cosmos.

Let's look at a few features of our vast and diverse Universe. In doing so, compare and contrast the characteristics of the Earth with those you discover during this exercise.

Assignment Work

Note: While the information in this exercise will not be tested in Physical Geography 12, some first year college / university Geography courses have a unit on astronomy, hence part of the value in doing this exercise. Moreover, it is  interesting to look at the uniqueness of our earth within our solar system and perhaps in our entire galaxy and universe.

Download the file and do internet searches to find the answers. Cite your sources by including the exact website addresses (not search engine) where you found the answers after each question. For this exercise, you do not need to do a formal Bibliography afterwards. Place the assignment in the "The Nature of Geography" section of your notebook.

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