Global Warming
Describe what global warming is, its possible causes, potential effects (with emphasis on Canada), and possible cures.
In this lesson, you will explore the potential causes, effects, and solutions for climate change.

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The average global temperature is rising. The 1990's was the warmest decade in the 20th century. Since 1980, the earth’s average global surface temperature has increased by 0.6 degrees Celsius relative to the 1961 to 1990 average.

What is causing this change? The earth has experienced climate change in the past due to changes in the earth's orbit, or tilt, or variations in the amount of energy being emitted by the sun. It is felt though by many scientists that the current warming is due in large part to human enhancement of the Greenhouse Effect.

Hence, that will be the focus of this lesson. As well, the issue of how warming will impact the planet will be addressed as well as potential solutions.

Planet Earth: A Physical Geography
"Case Study: The Greenhouse Effect"
Pages 324 to 332

Assignment Work

When you have completed all the work below, e-mail it to your instructor as a word document attachment. This work is worth 20 marks.

A) Download and complete the following Global Warming assignment.

B) Read the designated pages in Planet Earth: A Physical Geography and answer the following:

1) List the major greenhouse gases, their sources, and relative contribution to the greenhouse effect.

2) Define "carbon dioxide sink" and give an example of one.

3) Looking at Figure 16.4 (p.328), which parts of the globe are projected to have the greatest temperature increase?

4) Looking at Figure 16.5 (p.329), do you see any patterns in terms of the projected precipitation changes? Explain.

5) Study Figure 16.3 (p.327).
In a chart , identify Beneficial Effects of an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect for Canada, Harmful Effects, and those Effects which might be either Harmful or Beneficial.
Note: Include location when listing the effects.

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