Major Ethical Views on Land Resource Use
1) Describe the four major ethical views on land resource use [i.e. economic (i.e. "use it"), preservationist (i.e. "preserve it"), balanced multiple-use or scientific conservation, and ecological or sustainable earth) and how these views may result in resource use conflict.
In the last unit of this module, further issues involving assessing and managing resources will be discussed. In this first lesson, the major ethical views regarding land resource use will be put forward.

Major Ethical Views on Land Resource Use
Fanny Bay Case Study

Assignment Work

Answer the following questions in your notebook.

A) Download, print out, and read the "Major Ethical Views on Land Resource Use".

1) In your opinion, which ethic does the Ecological, or Sustainable Earth ethic most closely resemble?

B) Download and read the "Fanny Bay Case Study".

1) Where does this case study take place?

2) What are the geographical features of this area?

3) Which ethic supports this project?

4) How would this project have to be altered to better fit the Balanced Multiple-Use, or Scientific Conservation ethic?

5a) Determine which groups or individuals best represent the Preservationist, or "Preserve it" ethic?

b) Determine which groups or individuals best represent the Economic, or "Use It" ethic?

C) Your instructor will assign an ethical viewpoint to you by e-mail.

Your task is to write a one to two paragraph persuasive letter to the people of Fanny Bay from your assigned ethical viewpoint regarding this proposed Land-Based Seafarming project.

Have a catchy title to your letter.

Post your letter to the Discussion.

Part C is worth 5 marks.

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