Government Exam Preparation
To review some physical geography synonyms and to continue to prepare for the government exam.
In this lesson, you will continue to prepare for the Government Exam.

Physical Geography Synonyms
Government Exam Helpers Guide

Government Exam Analysis
Geography 12 Content Learning Outcomes and Vocabulary

Essay Helpers Guide

Scoring Guide For The Case Study (Appendix I)

Key Terms Used in Government Exam Questions
(Appendix II)


Assignment Work

Download and carefully read the files from above. You may even wish to print them out.

Begin studying for the Government Exam and try doing old exams from the Ministry of Education website.

In preparation for the Government Exam, your instructor will have you write an exam in the same format as the Government Exam. It will be worth 93 marks. Details will be forthcoming via e-mail.

As well, before this 93 marks exam, you will be given a quiz worth 15 marks on the World Map information that you gathered in the first Unit of the course.

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