1) Describe the four types of erosion and the three methods by which rivers transport debris
2) Compare and contrast youthful, mature and old rivers in regards to their characteristics, landforms, and uses to humans
3) Describe how the four types of deltas form and give examples of them in the world
4) Explain how rivers can rejuvenate and thereby gain their youthfulness
5) Recognize trellis, dendritic, and radial drainage systems
6) Explain how and why inner and outer river banks vary from each other
7) Explain how rivers are complex natural systems that greatly affect human activity and also can be completely changed by humans such as through building dams
8) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of hydro dams
9) Draw and label the hydrologic (water) cycle.

Rivers are agents of erosion and deposition. In this unit, you will explore the various components of a river system and the resultant landforms.

Read part of Chapter 13 (p.257-266) in Planet Earth: A Physical Geography and complete the Assignment below.

Assignment Work

Note: Answer all questions in complete sentences unless you are asked to create a chart or diagram.

A) Chapter 13: Distinctive Landscapes: Humid Environments - The Work of Rivers

- Answer Questions #6a to e, 8a,b, 9, 10a, 11a,b and 13 on page 266.

B) The Hydrologic Cycle
Streams and rivers are an integral part of the Hydrologic Cycle

- Read and take notes on the Hydrologic Cycle (pages 196-198).
- Draw the Hydrologic Cycle in your notebook utilizing Figure 10.2 on page 197.
- Answer Questions #1 and #3a,b on page 198.

C) Case Study - Hydro Dams

Read pages 336 to 342 as well as the following file which outlines the impact of hydro dams on a river's variables.

- In a chart format, identify the Problems, Effects, and Solutions surrounding Hydro Dams citing actual examples.

- Using a search engine such as google.com or askjeeves.com, find four advantages / benefits of hydroelectric dams. Remember to include the website source(s) for your information.

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