Winnipeg vs. The Red River
To explore the issues surrounding a community's ability to cope with living on a river flood plain.
Let's look at how the residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba cope with living on a river flood plain and the concerns of residents outside the city regarding those coping strategies.

Tour of Winnipeg

Courtesy of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing –
Natural Resources Canada

Assignment Work

E-mail your responses to your instructor as a word document attachment. This assignment is worth 10 marks.

A) Utilizing the "Tour of Winnipeg" link above, answer the following questions:

1) Name the river that joins the Red river in Winnipeg?
(Consult an atlas if necessary)

2) Describe the measure taken to manage the threat of an “overabundant water flow”.

3a) In the "Central Business District", a lack of foliage is evidenced by what colour on the Landsat Image?

b) What is the technical term used to describe where the two major rivers meet near the Central Business District? What is the local reference to this spot?

4) What type of land use buffers residential neighbourhoods from the noise of the "airport"?

5) On the "edge of the city" account for the differences in colour in the farmers’ fields.

B) The Winnipeg Floodway: Pros and Cons

The Main Question: Should the rights of rural Manitobans be put aside so the City of Winnipeg can survive major floods?

Before answering that question, do the following:

1) Should the few be sacrificed for the benefit of the many? Give specific examples of acceptable or unacceptable situations where a few people may suffer for the good of many people.

2) Review Clips #3, 11, and 12 and the Additional Clip “The floodway did damage some rural homes” on the topic Red River Rising: Manitoba Floods on the CBC Radio and Television Archives Web site [see the link provided above].

Then provide a paragraph response to The Main Question.

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