Deserts Review
To review the Prescribed Learning Outcomes and Vocabulary for the Deserts Unit
It is time to review your knowledge of Deserts in preparation for the Unit Quiz. This is a brief unit; however deserts will be studied again when the Biomes of the World are covered.

Deserts Review

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1. Feature X in the photograph is being shaped by
A. saltation. B. abrasion. C. deflation. D. corrosion. Explanation

2. Features associated with a desert landscape are
A. arches and stacks. B. playas and levees. C. barchans and wadis.
D. salt flats and moraines.

3. A crescent-shaped sand dune is a
A. reg. B. wadi. C. playa. D. barchan.


4. Barchans result from the interaction between the
A. lithosphere and the biosphere. B. biosphere and the hydrosphere.
C. atmosphere and the lithosphere. D. atmosphere and the hydrosphere. Explanation

5. Which process is responsible for shaping the boulder in the diagram above?
A. traction B. abrasion C. corrosion D. hydration Explanation

6. The process illustrated in the diagram above is
A. deflation. B. corrosion. C. hydration. D. exfoliation. Explanation

Assignment Work

1) Begin studying for the Unit Quiz and do the review questions above.

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