Thinking Geographically Presentation
Five Basic Themes of Geography
Applying The Five Basic Themes -
Ladner Example
Applying The Five Basic Themes - Student Activity
Physical Regions of Canada Activity Idea
Thinking Geographically Activity:

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Student Activity Questions

Map of NHL Cities 1982 - no scale

Map of NHL Cities 2010 - no scale 

Map of NHL Cities 1982 - scale

Map of NHL Cities 2010 - scale  

UN Human Development Index Activity:

Student Activity Questions

World _Map

Teacher Key

Backgrounder Activities / Information:

Development Overview

Four Categories of Industry Student Activity

Why Do LDCs Face Obstacles to Development?
Student Activity*   
Teacher Key

*Note: Largely based upon an excerpt from  An Introduction to Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape 8th edition by James M. Rubenstein ISBN # 0-13-142939-6 p. 321 to 327.

"200 Years That Changed The World" YouTube

National Geographic - 7 billion
Question Sheet

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Globalization - Where Was It Made Activity?
Student Activity

Group Master List and Participation Accountability

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Debt, Deficit, Surplus

Canada Federal Debt Clock

US National Debt Clock


US Debt In Depth and World Debt Clocks


Documentary - "IOUSA" (condensed 30 min. version) YouTube


US National Debt Road Trip YouTube


Clarke and Dawe - EU Lending Merry-go-round YouTube

Human Geography Web (Unit Introduction)

Major Geography Themes

Social Studies 11 Human Geography Project
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Social Studies 11 Human Geography Project
PowerPoint Version

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Sample Student PowerPoint


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Geography 12 Online with Mr. Mleziva

CBC News In Review
(check to see if your school is receiving the DVDs)

Statistics Canada

US Census Bureau - International Data Base

World Vision - Connect For Teachers
Global Issues Education Resources (Gr. 9 to 12)